Different Unites That Complete Mace Wireless Home Security System

Jul 232012

Other crime rates also increase as burglary cases increase.

Although burglars only aim to get people’s money and other items, some result to violence once they found themselves cornered inside the house. This is why a number of security systems like Mace wireless home security system are now produced to decrease various crime rates.

Consumers want to know the devices included in this home security system and understand the extent of protection they will get. If you’re on the planning to get Mace wireless home security system for protection, here are the devices included in the package that works towards home protection.

First, it includes the control panel that helps in managing the overall system. This unit is also responsible for calling your phone numbers in cases of burglary and other numbers set on the unit like authorities and emergency experts. This is essential since this will serve as the primary communication unit between you and your Mace wireless home security system.

Another device included in the Mace wireless home security system is a sensor that can be placed on windows or doors. You can just choose the window or doors where you want to place it and it will sound its alarm once it’s been forced to open. This Mace wireless home security system unit will work effectively within the range of 300 feet.

This wireless system also has a motion detector which helps in detecting movements made by intruders. Just like the window/door sensor, the motion detector included in Mace wireless home security system will function with the same wireless range.

Lastly, Mace wireless home security system also includes a remote control unit. This device completes your home security system, making it more convenient to arm and disarm. Be sure to check this system online so you’ll know the extent of protection to get and if this system matches your needs.


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