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Jul 232012

Here in South Carolina, if you leave a door or window open, you might let in more than the rain. Some of our local creatures are skilled climbers, including spiders, lizards, tree frogs, and (eek!) snakes. The first frog was cute, in an icky sort of way, the second was okay, but the third frog, it was clear that something had to be done about our kitchen window.

 The window over our sink has been stuck slightly open for months – but since the weather was sunny and warm, we didn’t really worry about heat efficiency. The awning kept rain from getting in, so there wasn’t much to worry about until the frogs started showing up. After the fourth frog in 24 hours, I called for an emergency Pennco window repair.

There was no way I was staying another night in a house that was admitting critters of all types, and I could not sleep because I kept thinking a snake would get in and get loose in the house. The house where my three babies sleep, and where we all wander around barefoot, yuck!

I had no idea how to get a Pennco window fixed on a Saturday, and called a few local shops, but got nowhere. My mom told me to use for help, they helped her with her sunroom window last year. In my state of anxiety, I am sure I could have been easy to take advantage of, but the professionals at was able to calm me down so I could explain the problem, and promised to have someone in my home in hours, not days to deal with the Pennco window replacement.

Considering I was shrieking about frogs and snakes invading my home, I am lucky they were so easy to deal with – the first repair place I called told me to call an exterminator and hung up on me. The second offered to send someone out…in a week or two. was able to work with me to get the right person for the job out to my home as quickly as possible. They needed to know:

• What the problem was (Plague of frogs due to broken Pennco window)
• Where I lived (via zipcode, so they could find a repair professional in my area)
I asked them a few questions about rating and cost:
• What the service call would cost (make sure you ask about how the rates compare to other professionals in the area)
• What the repair professional’s rating was (I wanted those frogs gone, so I wanted a four or five star pro!)

The repair guy they recommended, Mike, was prompt, friendly, and best of all, he repaired our Pennco kitchen window so I could get some sleep! The next time something goes wrong (and with an old house like mine, it will sooner or later), I will use righht away instead of waiting and hoping the problem goes away.

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