High school graduates in America are deviating from the normal, predictable route after graduation. Before, what was expected was that they would take a degree at a university that would last around 4 years. However, noting the effects of the recession which hit a few years ago, more people have realized that there is no assurance of stability in a corporate job. Thus, they are now shifting to technical courses that save time, money and allow them to earn a respectable salary faster.

Becoming a HVAC technician has now become such a booming career. Anyone who wants to make a career change can shift to this field, as long as he or she has a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. An HVAC technician must complete a formal training if he or she wants to get hired. The industry is getting pretty competitive and this is the first step. There are various technical schools and universities that offer HVAC training in WV, at affordable tuition prices. Online and campus-based schools are now offering flexible schedules to their students.

HVAC training is composed of training hours or internship hours, and classroom discussions. Lecture hours teach the basics of HVAC: maintenance, repair, installation and troubleshooting. It is encouraged that students looking to enter this field have at least a High school GED with strong grounding in math, physics, engineering and the sciences, because much of what is discussed includes these topics.

For interested and prospecting students, scope out the following schools in West Virginia for formal HVAC training. For a search for schools by your zip code click here.

Carver Career Center
4799 Midland Drive, Charleston, West Virginia 25306
Carver Career Center is one of the more prominent career institutes in West Virginia. The school offers HVAC training with specializations, at curriculums that last between 6 months to about a year. They also have evening and afternoon classes for working students or students who have other commitments. HVAC schools in OH offer similar privileges to their students too. In fact, some people opt to enroll in the schools there as the campuses are located nearby.

James Rumsey Technical Institute
3274 Hedgesville Road, Martinsburg, WV 25401
James Rumsey offers the standard HVAC degree with two variations: a 1-year certificate degree, and a 2-year degree program. Their facilities and staff are sure to help their students reach their individual career goals.

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