HVAC  professionals, who work with various ventilation and heating machinery for a living, have been enjoying a steady salary, benefits, flexible work hours and practically unlimited clients. This only proves that HVAC technicians will always be in demand where there is machinery to operate and maintain. Many people have been taking their cue from these successful technicians and are now taking technical courses after high school, or shifting from corporate jobs to technical careers in order to enjoy the longevity they will eventually get.

HVAC technicians in Vermont enjoy a lot of opportunities, but they start out with training. This is mandatory for anyone looking to make a living out of a technical course, as the degree or certificate conferred is required to legally work in the state. There are a number of schools, colleges and universities that now offer HVAC training programs. Prospecting students can choose a school based on their needs in terms of specialization, location or budget for tuition fees.
Any HVAC training course requires students to undergo internship hours at a reputable company. A 2-year course will require about 2,000 hours of internship experience which is extremely beneficial for students. It will afford them work experience, connections with clients and employers, and the chance to apply what they have learned in class.

Students in the Vermont area may check out the following highly-rated schools for comprehensive HVAC training. These schools may also offer review classes for licensure examinations upon completion of the course.

Green Mountain Technology & Career Center
Box 600 Rt 15 W,
Hyde Park, VT 05655
(802) 888-4447

Green Mountain Career Center offers various HVAC degrees to students living in the Burlington, Plattsburgh and Hyde Park areas. These multiple locations make it easier for students to attend classes and not spend so much on transportation or dorm fees, thus bringing down the cost of their overall expenditures in school. Their state of the art facilities along with complete curriculum make them the best choice for HVAC training for students living in Vermont. Prospecting students in VT may also consider HVAC training schools in NH as it is a neighboring state. They do have excellent technical schools there too. For an in depth listing of accredited schools throughout the U.S. visit our home page search bar at http://hvactrainingschools.net

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