HVAC technicians are part of a group of professionals who are enjoying a lot of perks and benefits at their jobs, whether they are working freelance or with a company. Many HVAC technicians these days are Americans who got laid off from corporate jobs when the recession hit a few years ago. Now, even high school graduates are seeing the advantages of taking a two year technical course instead of spending time and money towards a four year degree.

HVAC technician training is mandated by state. Anyone who wishes to make a living out of this career must undergo training first. A lot of universities, colleges and technical institutes in Pennsylvania offer HVAC training depending on needs of the students. Specializations are available, as well as day and night classes, and even online lessons for utmost flexibility. Students may choose between schools depending on their needs.

HVAC training, no matter the school, is always divided into lecture hours and training hours. Most 2-year degrees will require students to undergo two thousand hours of training in addition to classroom hours. This is because technical courses and the subject matter that is discussed only becomes effective once put into practice. Students will benefit greatly from making connections with employers and clients while practicing their craft on the field. Employers may even offer promising students positions after their graduation.

Prospecting students looking to make a career out of HVAC may check in with the following popular schools in Pennsylvania.
Beaver County Area Vocational Technical School
145 Poplar Drive, Monaca, PA 15061
(724) 728-5800

This technical and vocational schools offers various levels and specializations of HVAC training to its students. Located in Monaca, Beaver County Area Vocational also offers evening classes to adult students for utmost flexibility in schedule. This opportunity is also provided to students who are enrolled in HVAC technical schools in NY.

Career Institute of Technology
5335 Kesslerville Road, Easton, PA 18040
(610) 258-2448

With three different locations in the state, CIT offers a wide range of HVAC degrees at affordable tuition fees. Students may choose between eight HVAC courses, and even between day, night or part-time classes according to their convenience.

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