HVAC technicians are health care professionals who can take advantage of the boom in work in this field. After the recession hit the United States, many Americans lost their jobs. They found, however, that technical jobs helped them get back on their feet and more. Even those who do not have a college degree, are considering a two-year technical courses instead of four year college degrees as a faster way to get a ticket to a good salary.

HVAC technicians are afforded a lot of benefits like a flexible work week, modest salary and complete benefits. To become one, a prospecting student must first enrol at any licensed facility in the state which offers HVAC training. This is mandated by the local state board. Various universities, colleges and training institutes offer HVAC training courses with various specializations. Students can choose depending on their money, time and location for thier utmost convenience. For individuals who live near the borderline, HVAC technical schools in NV are available too.

HVAC training is typically divided into two sessions: classroom hours and internship hours. The latter is very important in technical courses such as this. HVAC training will last for a year to two years. Out of this time, 1 thousand to 2 thousand hours will be devoted to hands on training with a reputable company or institution. During this time, students can put into practice what they have learned in classroom hours while making important acquaintances with employers and clients that can be of great help in this career.
Prospecting students may check out the following schools in Oregon for HVAC training that is top-notch and tried and tested.

Lane Community College
4000 E 30th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 463-5843

The HVAC course at Lane Community College is a standard one that lasts 2 years with an apprenticeship program. They do, however, offer specializations for students looking to find their niche in HVAC and give themselves an edge.
Portland Community College-Cascade Campus
705 N Killingsworth, Portland, OR 97217
(503) 978-5650

Portland Community College has a 2year degree and 1-year certificate course for HVAC. Students can choose between the two depending on their needs. They will definitely appreciate the stellar facilities the school has to offer, at affordable tuition fees.

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