HVAC technicians are a group of professionals who work with heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment. They make sure that these function well. It has been noted that in the past few years, HVAC technicians are gaining popularity and will continue to increase in number into the decade. This is because no matter the economic situation, HVAC technicians will always be needed to help regulate this type of machinery. That’s why they enjoy steady income and clients.

HVAC technician training starts with enrolling in a school that offers an accredited HVAC degree. There are various universities, training colleges and technical institutes that offer HVAC training courses. Students may choose between various specializations, or even choose the schedule they prefer. Some schools may even offer online classes for working students who still want to make a career change.
HVAC training begins with lectures that discuss everything there is to know about the course. Machine installation, repair, maintenance and troubleshooting are some of the topics tackled in these lectures. HVAC technicians are expected to maintain machines at optimum efficiency, hence blueprint reading and manual reading classes are taken. It is recommended that any student signing up for this course have a good understanding in subjects like engineering, mathematics, physics and the sciences.

For prospecting students, the following schools may be of help if they are unsure of which is the best for their needs. Some schools offer assistance with licensing and certification to legally work in North Carolina upon graduation. Potential students may also consider schools closely located in Georgia as hvac schools in GA offer great accredited programs as well.

Blue Ridge Community College
College Drive, Flat Rock, NC 11111
(828) 694-1700 www.blueridge.edu

With two locations in North Carolina, Blue Ridge offers a number of technical courses and degrees to the residents of Flat Rock. Thei HVAC degrees come bundled with a dedicated faculty, state of the art facilities, and an assurance of a high success rate.

Cape Fear Community College
411 N. Front Street, Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 362-7479 www.cfcc.edu

Cape Fear Community College is well-known in Wilmington for its great reputation and culture with students both young and old. Prospecting HVAC students will find the curriculum at Cape Fear to be extensive and helpful—a great choice to get on the pathway to career success.

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