HVAC technicians are gaining popularity these days. This is because the economic recession left most people with corporate jobs unsure of their financial future. Technical jobs were found to have better longevity and stability compared to the positions they held before, and so decided to make the shift. HVAC technicians enjoy a stable salary and clientele even when working freelance or contracted by a company or agency.

HVAC technicians must undergo training at any licensed facility in the state of New York. In New York, there are various universities, training institutes and community colleges have HVAC degrees. Additionally, online schools are also an option for working students who do not have much time to go to a traditional school. Otherwise, traditional schools still stand as an option for those who feel they learn best through the tried and tested method.

HVAC training is typically divided into classroom or lecture hours, and on the job training hours. On the job training or internship hours are especially important for HVAC students since it affords them the chance to look at their prospective career as it happens in the real world setting. Everything that is learned in the classroom will be put into practice during this time. In addition, this is advantageous for students as employers can gauge their skills and offer positions to promising students after their graduation.

The following are some schools in New York that have good HVAC training courses.

Alfred State College-School of Applied Technology Campus
S. Brooklyn Avenue,  Wellsville, NY 14895
(607) 587-4133


Alfred State College offers a HVAC degree that lasts four semesters or two years. They have other courses with different specializations for interested students. They boast of a high success rate among their graduates, as well.


Hudson Valley Community College
80 Vanderburgh Avenue,  Troy, NY 12180
(877) 629-7275


This school also offers a two year course leading up to an associate degree. Located in Troy, students will enjoy their state of the art facilities and roster of dedicated staff that will help ensure their career success.

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