HVAC technicians are part of a group of professionals who are needed for their expertise no matter the economic situation. During the recession, it was experienced that Americans in corporate jobs were some of the first to be let go. As such, their finances were affected as well as their way of living. Many decided to take technical courses like HVAC in order to shift careers into one that is more profitable and steady no matter the situation.

In order to enjoy the salary and work benefits that come with being a HVAC technician, a prospecting worker must first undergo training. This is mandated by state and a pre-requisite for licensing and certification. Many schools, colleges and universities in New Mexico now offer HVAC technician training as a certificate, associate or diploma track. In addition, some are now offering online or evening classes to answer the need of working students.

HVAC training, while it does have the requisite classroom lecture portion, relies heavily on training hours for students to be able get experience. This, in fact, is common with all technical courses. HVAC training in particular requires at least two thousand hours of hands on experience from it’s students that must be done with a reputable company.

For students interested in HVAC training as a career, the following schools in New Mexico offer good curriculums at affordable tuition prices.

Central NM Community College/Albuquerque TVI
525 Buena Vista, SE, Alburquerque, NM 87106
(505) 224-3060

Located in Albuquerque, Central NM is one of the most reputable colleges in the area. Their HVAC degree through traditional classroom learning will be of big help to students who learn best that way.

Dona Ana Branch Community College
3400 S. Espina, Las Cruces, NM 88003
(505) 527-7500

A community college located in Las Cruces, Dona Ana offers HVAC training with flexible scheduling. Students can choose from day, evening and part-time classes to suit their needs—a big help for working students and those who need the luxury of part-time classes in order to gain their degree.

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