Technical jobs are becoming more popular these days. After the recession hit the country a few years ago, it was observed that those in corporate jobs were the first to get laid off from their respective companies. Technical jobs, like HVAC technicians, are more indispensible, meaning they are needed no matter what happens in the country economically. There has been a noticeable boom in the state of Arizona for people working in this field.

HVAC technicians can work in a variety of places. They are in charge of ensuring efficiency and maintenance of heating, ventilation and airconditioning equipment in homes, residential buildings, office buildings and other facilities. Thus, there is never a shortage of work, whether they are working with a company or freelancing with their own clients. HVAC technicians are paid a very comprehensive salary package with benefits, and they have a flexible work schedule as well.

In Arizona, licensed practicing HVAC technicians earn an average of $38,000 annually. Though this is lower than the national average as reported in 2010, the outlook for the profession in the state is favourable for the coming decade. HVAC technicians are expected to increase their workforce by as much as 12% by 2020, and their salaries will adjust accordingly as well.

There are other types of HVAC technicians with specializations in the state. Depending on this and their level of experience, they may earn more or less than the state average. Below are the more common variations and the projected earnings of each:

Commercial Service HVAC Technician

Commercial Service HVAC technicians are the highest paid in the state, typically because higher quality work is demanded of them, and because they are more experienced. They earn up to $95,000 annually with benefits.

Senior HVAC technician

In Arizona, more experienced HVAC professionals do enjoy the benefit of salary raises. Senior HVAC technicians employed by companies earn $42,000 annually plus benefits.



HVAC Maintenance Technician

These type of HVAC professionals are usually just starting out in the field, and will be put in charge of maintaining the efficiency of preinstalled machines. They earn $39,000 annually, just above the state average.

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