States With Great HVAC Career Potential

Hvac technicians are in high demand, but some areas of the U.S. have shown to be a little more promising than others, due to the job market and economy, as well as weather conditions and available schooling in these areas.  We have picked several states that we feel are prime areas of the country for HVAC technicians based on great accredited programs, the need for employees and great pay. The salary of this career field fluctuates greatly depending on all the mentioned variables. If you are considering a life long career as an HVAC tech, then make sure to check out our popular states model below.


  • ¬†Florida has proven to have a stable environment for heating and mainly cooling. With warm to hot coastal summers, most homes are equiped with a/c units.
  • Salary is above average and job demand is on the rise.
  • There is a wide array of accredited schools in Florida to choose from such as Lincoln, Fortis and Ashworth.


  • Texas has always shown to have a stronger than average economy that can keep many people employed even in tough economic times.
  • This coastal state has hot summers and up north has cold winters. The Job market is constantly rising and the field is always open to new workers. Texas is very industrial and many plants contract large HVAC companies.
  • Salary is just above average for the U.S. and there are Many large cities such as Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio that offer Great accredited schools in Texas.


  • California has always had a booming economy and a strong real estate market. Homes are constantly being built that require the service of an HVAC tech. The job market for Technicians is booming in CA.
  • A large state with many large cities, there is a large amount of good schools in California to choose from. These are located in areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego.
  • Salary is up above the average mark for U.S. States, however the cost of living is higher in CA and that should be taken into consideration.


  • With some of the best technician training schools, Connecticut is a great place to earn your certification. Schools are known for their state of the art facilities.
  • Average salary of $46,000 per year and a booming market. Most technicians will earn higher than the national average.
  • Connecticut HVAC Career demand is expected to increase over the next 10 years giving most techs job security.