Salary for HVAC Technicians in California

California is one state that has a diverse group of professionals working to keep the economy going. However, even this state was not spared from the ill-effects of the recession which hit the country a few years ago. As such, those who were laid off had to find alternative jobs in order to enjoy the lifestyle they have become accustomed to—especially in California, where the cost of living is quite high. It was then noticed that there was an increase in those filling technical jobs, like HVAC technicians.

HVAC technicians work with heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment in various facilities. They can work freelance or with a company to install and maintain the efficiency of such machines in residential buildings, homes, offices and other facilities. Thus, there is never a shortage of work since most structures in this day and age use HVAC equipment.

HVAC technicians in California are well-compensated with a competitive salary and benefits. The average HVAC technician earns an annual wage of $46,000, which is 8% higher than the national average for these professionals. However, there are some HVAC technicians who choose to specialize in certain areas, thus earning themselves a higher salary. Factors like experience and reputation are also considered. The following are the more common specializations and their average annual salaries.

Residential HVAC Service Technician
Residential HVAC Service Technicians are on-call for maintenance and repair of HVAC machinery in residences and residential buildings like condominiums. They earn about $51,000 annually, which is higher than both the state and national average.

HVAC Controls Technician
These types of HVAC technicians have more experience and are main fixtures at companies making heavy use of HVAC machines in their buildings. They also earn higher than the national and state average, bringing in $59,000 annually, plus benefits.

Refrigeration Service Technician
Those who specialize in refrigeration machinery are also well-compensated in the state of California. They earn $48,000 annually plus benefits. Many technicians start culling experience by working on refrigeration machines first.