HVAC Training in New Jersey

Thanks to the recent economic recession, many Americans are now looking for more stable jobs that will weather them through times of possible financial downturn. It has been noted that in this period of time, technical jobs have been enjoying growth and popularity and will continue to do so into the decade. HVAC technicians are among the technical jobs which are growing immensely thanks to the promise of stable salaries and work even when working freelance.

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HVAC technicians who want to work in New Jersey are mandated by state to enrol in a school that offers training first. There are various universities, training institutes and community colleges now offering HVAC courses leading to a certificate or associate diploma. Additionally, students may choose between online and onsite classes for more flexibility with class schedules.

HVAC training with any specialization gives heavy focus on training and internship hours. This is because during this time, students are able to apply everything they learn in the classroom. Technical courses require all subject matter to have been practiced and applied in the real world. Schools will ask students to complete about two thousand hours of training in addition to classroom hours in order to get the full experience.

The following HVAC schools in New Jersey are good places to start for prospecting students who are seriously considering taking a HVAC course for a profession or career.

Bergen County Technical Schools
11 Carrol Court,
Hackensack, NJ 07601
(201) 329-9699 Ext 5560

Bergen County is known in the state for its technical course offerings. Students interested in taking up HVAC training will be satisfied with its curriculum that lasts a year with training. They have several degrees to choose from with varying specializations.

Camden County Technical School/ Gloucester Township Campus
343 Berlin Cross Keys Road,
Sicklerville, NJ 08081
(856) 767-7000

With two locations in New Jersey, Camden County Technical School is one of the most reputable technical schools around. Interested students can enroll in their HVA C course which takes less than two years to finish. They also offer reviews and licensing assistance.