These days, more people are looking into technical courses after finishing high school. Not only does it save them time and money on tuition fees, it also allows them to get on the fast track towards a job with a good starting salary and growth. Most technical courses, like HVAC technician training, are indispensible jobs and are necessities in this day and age.

To become a HVAC technician, one must first undergo mandatory training at any accredited facility within Nevada. Various universities and colleges in addition to the usual training institutes now offer HVAC technician training in associate or certificate degrees. Some schools may even offer online classes as an option for those who need the luxury of a flexible schedule.

HVAC training at any college is usually divided into two parts: classroom hours and training hours. Classroom or lecture hours will cover the basics of HVAC training like basic installation, repair and maintenance. HVAC technicians will be expected to know the ins and outs of various machines and operate them to maximum efficiency. Internship hours, on the other hand, afford the student a chance to see the job and what it entails in the real world. Everything that is learned during the lecture hours is put into application here.

For interested students, there are a number of online and onsite schools offering HVAC training. One can choose depending on the specialization or flexibility of schedule. The following schools are some options to consider for prospecting students.

Air Conditioning Technical Institute
3970 Las Vegas Blvd. North, Suite B-9,

Las Vegas, NV 89115
(702) 658-7900


Air Conditioning Technical Institute, conveniently located in Las Vegas, is one of the more well-known schools offering technical courses in the state. HVAC students can avail of their HVAC training program that leads up to a certificate after one to two years.


College of Southern Nevada
700 College Drive,  Henderson, NV 89015
(702) 651-4910

College of Southern Nevada is one of the more well-known colleges in the state. Now offering HVAC training, students can be satisfied with their ample facilities and excellent roster of faculty which helps students achieve their career goals.

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