HVAC training in Missouri

A lot of high school graduates in America are making the conscious decision to deviate from the normal route of taking a 4-year undergraduate degree for college. Instead, they are looking to save both time and money by taking a 2-year long technical degree that will even help them get a good starting salary faster than most of their peers. Among the fields they are looking into is that of HVAC technicians.

Becoming a HVAC technician is not limited to high school graduates. In fact, anyone wishing to make a career change can shift to this field. An aspiring technician must first undergo mandatory training. This is the essential first step. There are various schools, universities, and career colleges offering HVAC training within the state, at affordable tuition prices. Online and onsite schools are available for those who need flexible schedules.

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The HVAC training curriculum itself is heavy on mathematics, engineering, physics, and the sciences. It is recommended that anyone wanting to take this course be well acquainted with these subjects. Other lecture hours are devoted to HVAC machines installation, repair, maintenance, blueprint reading, manual reading, client relations, and the like. Half of the allotted training hours, on the other hand, are devoted to on the job training which is a crucial part of any technical course that requires experience to be effective.
Interested students can inquire for HVAC training with the following schools conveniently located within the state of Missouri.

American Trade School
9510 Page Avenue, St Louis, MO 63132
(314) 423-1900

American Trade School offers a HVAC course that lasts 14 months. This is shorter than most HVAC courses which last two years. For utmost flexibility, the school offers day and night classes as well.

Cape Girardeau Career & Technology Center
1080 S. Silver Springs Road, Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
(573) 334-0826

Cape Girardeau Career and Technology center also offers a HVAC course that has day and evening classes for those who have busy schedules. Enjoy it’s state of the art facilities and dedicated faculty that is ready to help students on the road to career success.