Thanks to economic recession and declining job satisfaction, more and more people are breaking away from the corporate world and looking into technical fields that will allow them financial freedom and time freedom. Because of this, HVAC technicians are becoming more and more popular since they are an indispensible field of professionals who get the best of time and money.

To become a legal HVAC technician, any interested student must enrol in mandatory HVAC training at any accredited facility within the state. This is a must for anyone who wants to work within the state of Minnesota.

Becoming a HVAC technician entails training both in lecture form and in internship hours. The internship hours are the most important part of any HVAC training course as it puts into practice everything that is learned during the course. Most HVAC courses will require anywhere between 1,000 to 2,000 hours of on the job training to make sure their students get the experience they both need and deserve.
It is recommended that those who would like to take up HVAC have sufficient grounding in subjects like mathematics, physics and engineering in order to keep up with the lessons. A high school degree is the minimum requirement for any enrolee.
Many schools in the state will offer assistance for licensing and certification. For interested students, the following schools in Minnesota are probably the best place to start to get on track with your HVAC career.

Everest University Online
The premiere online school for HVAC education. Everest University is an great institution that offers online degrees for various courses like HVAC. Instructors are among the best around, using multiple instructional materials such as videos and chat rooms to better help students understand the coursework they are learning. Best of all, degrees are earned on the pace at which the student is able to learn.

Century College
3300 Century Avenue North,
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
(651) 779-3200

For students who prefer a more traditional approach to learning, there is the option of going to a college like Century College. Offering 4 HVAC degrees with various specializations, it is perfect for the student who needs the drive of a physical classroom to work.

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