HVAC training in Massachusetts

Many Americans these days are looking for stable jobs. A lot of them have learned, thanks to the previous recession, that even top-paying corporate office jobs may not be able to weather them in times of uncertainty. This is why two year technical courses like HVAC technician training are gaining popularity.

To become a legal HVAC technician in the state of Massachusetts, any interested student must enrol in mandatory HVAC training at any accredited facility within the state. Various universities, colleges, technical institutes and the like offer HVAC training at competitive tuition rates. Scholarships are also available for deserving students.

HVAC training is divided into lecture hours and training hours. Lecture hours will discuss the basics of HVAC. It is recommended that those wishing to enrol in this course have at least a high school diploma, with good foundation in subjects like mathematics, physics and engineering, as these come in heavy rotation throughout the HVAC course.

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Training hours, on the other hand, are as important since they put into practice what the students have learned during the lecture hours. A big bonus of the extensive internship hours is the fact that it provides a venue for employers and students to meet.
The following schools in ME are some of the best and tried and tested for successful HVAC training. Students may check out their information on degrees and decide on where to enrol following their needs.

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
41 Berkeley Street,
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
Phone Number: (617) 423-4630

This school offers a HVAC and refrigeration certificate for people living in the Boston area. Their program includes over 2,000 training hours in the field for culling as much experience as possible that will be beneficial to its students in the long run.

Massasoit Community College
One Massasoit Boulevard,
Brockton, Massachusetts 02302
Phone Number: (508) 588-9100

Topics tackled in this school’s HVAC course include mathematics, physics, computer literacy and engineering. This school also puts heavy premium on internship hours and lab work which is considered to be extremely important to the successful completion of the course.