HVAC Training in Maine

Many people are now considering 2-year courses over 4-year courses. After the recession hit, more Americans found that they saved time and money by taking technical career courses, and it helped them find better-paying jobs faster, thus ensuring them economic stability.
HVAC technicians are part of these professionals who have been successful in their respective fields despite not having a full 4-year degree. To become a HVAC technician whether as a career change or simply a career, one must undergo training at any state accredited facility in Maine. Various universities, training institutes and career colleges offer HVAC training along with various specializations. Students can also choose between certificate or associate or diploma degrees.

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HVAC technician training is divided into lecture hours and internship hours. Lecture hours will discuss all the basics of HVAC training, including proper installation, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and efficiency. Students will learn blueprint reading and manual reading since they are expected to be able to operate machines to maximum efficiency. Some schools will also offer career advice to help students in dealing with clients, negotiating for payment and the like. They may also help with licensing and certification upon graduation so that students can get the go signal from the state board to work legally as a HVAC technician certification in Maine.

Interested students can check out the following schools for comprehensive HVAC training that will put them on the right path to career success and financial stability. Compare to hvac schools in Massachusetts.

Southern Maine Community College
2 Fort Road
South Portland, ME 04106-1698

Southern Maine Community College’s mission is to empower students to respond to a changing world and enhances economic and cultural development in Southern Maine by providing a variety of educational opportunities and partnerships. They offer a HVAC course that is in line with this mission and the needs of their students.

Washington County Community College
One College Drive
Calais, ME 04619

Another well-known community college in the state, Washington also offers comprehensive HVAC training. They also go the extra mile by assisting with licensing and certification from the state board for successful graduates of the course.