HVAC training in Louisiana

HVAC technicians are part of a growing field that has been gaining popularity as of late. It has been found that HVAC technicians are among a distinguished group of professionals who are able to find work and keep it even during times of recession. HVAC technicians have become indispensible and will find steady jobs even when working freelance.

Becoming a HVAC technician starts out with training. It is mandatory for anyone seeking to enter this industry to take a HVAC training course at any accredited facility in their state, whether it is a university, career institute or training college.

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HVAC technician courses can be completed in a year to two years depending on the pacing of the student and extensiveness of the curriculum. The training itself will be divided into classroom hours and internship hours. Classroom hours will be composed of lectures delving into the basics of HVAC training, while internship hours are the hands-on part where students will apply in a real-world setting what they have learned during the lectures. Internships also help both student and teacher see how well the student will work as an HVAC technician upon graduation.

For interested students, there are a number of schools in Louisiana that are available for HVAC training. Some of these schools may also assist with licensing and certification exams from the state board to be able to work legally as a HVAC technician within the state.

Sowela Technical College
3820 Senator J. Bennett Johnston Avenue
Lake Charles, LA

Sowela Technical offers a HVAC course to those in the Lake Charles area. Not only do students get to save on dorming fees, their tuition fees are also relatively low, it being a technical college.

Ayers Career College
8820 Jewella Avenue
Shreveport, LA 71108

Ayers Career College is one of the more well known training colleges in the Louisiana area. It offers a Heating and Refrigeration training course which career shifters and high school graduates can avail of. The course can be finished in a year to two years depending on the pacing.