HVAC training in Kentucky

HVAC technicians have been gaining popularity as of late. This may be attributed to the recession which hit the country very badly. As a result, many Americans who were laid off from their jobs had to find other alternative careers and sources of income in order to keep themselves afloat. Thankfully, HVAC technicians are part of a career field that is proving to be extremely indispensible and a necessity especially in these times.

HVAC training can be done at any accredited facility within the state of Kentucky, or even through online classes. There are a number of training institutes, schools and universities which offer HVAC training at competitive tuition prices, and with flexible schedules. Students can also choose between online and onsite classes for those who need to choose between better schedules or those who work well In traditional classroom settings.

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An important part of the HVAC training is the internship hours. These internship hours are undertaken by the students in order to apply what they’ve learned through the lecture requirements—installation, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and the like. Potential employers may appraise students and see if they are fit to join their team upon graduation from the course.

For interested students, Kentucky has several online and onsite schools for HVAC training. Choose between the schools listed below in order to enrol in the specialization desired. Some schools may also offer assistance for licensing and certification upon graduation.

Ashworth College Online
One of the leading institutions focusing on online education, Ashworth is a good choice for working students who cannot commit to going to regular school. They boast of top of the line learning materials as well as a dedicated faculty. Choose from a variety of HVAC degrees at affordable tuition rates.

Jefferson Community and Technical College
109 E. Broadway, Louisville, Kentucky 40202
(502) 213-4000

This school offers four certificate courses in HVAC and one diploma degree that can be finished in two years. Choose from a Certificate in Environmental Control Systems Servicing, Certificate in Environmental System Repair Helping, Certificate in Domestic Air Conditioning and Furnace Installation Certificate in Refrigeration Mechanics and a Diploma in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Mechanics,