Indiana is home to a variety of working professionals. A number of these professionals, however, may have gotten displaced or laid off during the height of the recent recession. As such, more and more people are looking for alternative career options that will afford them the lifestyle they are used to while maintaining stability both economically and career-wise.

HVAC technicians are now booming in Indiana, and are expected to increase in number during the decade. To become a HVAC technician, those interested may apply at any accredited school for a training course that lasts 1-2 years depending on individual pacing. These facilities may include training colleges, universities, career institutes and even online schools.

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Aspiring HVAC technicians should expect a lot of engineering, physics and mathematics being discussed during lecture hours. Basic HVAC concepts, proper handling of machinery, efficiency, dealing with clients and repair, troubleshooting and maintenance will be taught during this time. Training hours or internship hours, on the other hand, will help students glimpse the job in a real-world setting. This is also an advantage to students as employers can observe the potential of their interns and possibly offer promising students positions after graduation.

For interested students, the following schools in Indiana offer HVAC training courses and degrees. Onsite schools will also usually assist their students with licensing and certification exams upon graduation so that they can work legally in the state. Online classes, while convenient, may not offer this option to those who enrol with them.

4415 Forest Manor Avenue,
Indianapolis, IN 46226
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Conveniently located in Indianapolis, AC/C Tech offers five different HVAC degrees, allowing students to choose their specialization. This is extremely beneficial as they can cater to niche markets. Enjoy affordable tuition rates at a quality HVAC school without breaking the bank or moving to another state.

Ivy Techncial State College-Kokomo
1815 E. Morgan Street,
Kokomo, IN 46901
(765) 459-0561

Fifteen campuses all over Indiana make this school very accessible to anyone wishing to take HVAC certificate degrees. Enjoy it’s great facilities and dedicated faculty which is happy to assist all students into becoming successful professionals.

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