HVAC Technician Salary Range in Arkansas


Arkansas is one of the best states to work in for people holding jobs in the technical field. Though the state was not spared from the ill-effects of recession which hit the country a few years ago, a noticeable boom in the number of technical job holders was noticed. This is because no matter the economic situation, technical skills are a necessity in this day and age.

HVAC technicians are a group of professionals who work with heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. They ensure the proper maintenance and upkeep of these machines. As such, they can work practically anywhere since many homes, offices, buildings and facilities make use of these equipment. There is no shortage of work, and HVAC technicians are compensated with a comprehensive salary package with benefits. They are able to make money even when working freelance for personal clients.

HVAC technicians in Arizona are among the best-paid in the country. They make an average of $43,000 annually plus benefits, which is just about the same as the national average for these workers. Since the boom in technical workers is expected to grow in the decade, this figure has a possibility of getting higher as the years go by.

For some HVAC technicians however, their salary grade is higher. Those who specialize in a certain branch of HVAC and are considered more experienced may get higher compensation. The following are some of the more common HVAC specializations and the expected salary for each type:

Residential HVAC Service Technician

These professionals work in homes and residential buildings to make sure that HVAC equipment is running smoothly and not a danger to the people living there. They make $47,000 annually on average, higher than both the national and state average.

Commercial HVAC Technicians

These technicians make $53,000 yearly. This is because they are considered to be more experienced and quality work is expected from them.

HVAC Maintenance Technician

These are usually entry-level workers culling experience. They make a respectable $40,000 annually plus benefits. They are in charge of the maintenance of HVAC machines.