The last few years have seen a severe economic recession. Because of this, many Americans who have been laid off from their jobs are looking for better career options that will give them stability and security both career-wise and financially. This is why HVAC technicians are one of the emerging professions at this time for those who are looking for well-paying jobs.

HVAC technicians must undergo training at any licensed facility in the state of Georgia. Various universities, training institutes and community colleges have HVAC degrees that are accredited by the state. Additionally, online schools are also an option for working students who do not have much time to go to a traditional school.

HVAC training is divided into two parts: classroom or lecture hours, and on the job training hours. Lecture hours will cover all the need to knows about being a HVAC technician, including basic manual and blueprint reading, installation of machinery, maintenance and troubleshooting, and repair of various heating machines.

On the job training or internship hours are especially important for HVAC students. It affords them the chance to look at their prospective career as it happens in the real world setting. Many problem solving cases may be handled by the student. Potential employers may also take notice of the abilities of promising students during the internship. Just as HVAC training in FL is easy to come by, Georgia also has a number of HVAC training schools, both online and onsite. The following are some of the most popular schools in the state.

Chattahoochee Technical College
980 S. Cobb Drive S.E.,
Marietta, GA 30060-3300
(770) 528-4545

One of the largest colleges in Georgia, Chattahoochee Technical is a public school with seven campuses, that offers great flexibility for the students who wish to enrol here. It has two HVAC degrees available: Air Conditioning Technician Assistant Certificate and the Air Conditioning Electrical Technician Certificate.

Central Georgia Technical College
3300 Macon Tech Drive,
Macon, GA 31206
Phone Number: (478) 757-3400

Central Georgia Tech has a well-lauded HVAC curriculum that is sure to be beneficial for any aspiring HVAC technician. It offers two HVAC degrees at competitive tuition prices.

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