HVAC Schools in Colorado

HVAC training in Colorado is open to anyone who is interested in HVAC as a profession, be it as a career change or a starting job. It is a stable profession that offers a good steady income, especially after the recession hit the country. Whether freelance or with a company, many HVAC technicians enjoy career growth and job satisfaction within their field.

The first step to becoming a HVAC technician is applying for a training course at any accredited facility. There are many onsite universities, colleges, centers and training facilities that offer HVAC training degrees at affordable tuition rates. For the more time-pressed, there is the option of taking online classes, which is also cheaper and more convenient for working students.

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HVAC training courses are typically divided between classroom hours and on the job training hours. The internship portion is just as important as the lecture since it allows the students to see the reality of the job and what it entails. The best learning for HVAC training is hands-on, after all. Apart from the internship, lecture hours cover the basics of HVAC and everything an aspiring technician needs to know, such as repair, maintenance, installation and troubleshooting. It is important for the HVAC technician to know the inner workings of the machine, so blueprint reading and engineering classes may be included as well.

Many schools will assist their HVAC graduates in applying for licensing and examination from the state. The following schools are some of the highly-rated for students interested in taking a HVAC training course.

Lincoln College of Technology
11194 E 45th Ave
Denver, CO 80239
303 722-5724

This prominent college in Denver, CO also offers HVAC courses to interested students. They can make use of state of the art facilities, competent faculty and affordable tuition fees to make the most of their education here. They also offer financial assistance to deserving students.

Intellitec Colleges
Intellitec offers a HVAC refrigeration course to interested students. With three campuses for easy access and less overhead fee, it is one of the best in the state for technical courses.