HVAC Schools in Arkansas

Being a HVAC technician is a profession that is being looked into by many people these days. Thanks to the recession where many Americans were laid off from their jobs or suffered in terms of business, more and more people are looking for careers that will provide them a stable income as they weather this economic upset.

HVAC technician training is something any aspiring HVAC technician has to go through. It is mandatory for any student to take a HVAC training course at an accredited facility such as a training college or career college within their state. Of course, students who are looking at HVAC as a career change may also avail of online classes for hassle-free studying and learning while they work and prepare for the transition.

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A typical HVAC training course in Arkansas lasts two years and covers all basic aspects of heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air-conditioning. The course is divided between classroom or lecture hours, and on the job training hours. Lectures will cover all the basics and need-to-knows such as proper handling, installation of equipment, maintenance, repair and efficiency. Some schools will also include career advice in order for their students to better handle clients once they graduate. Students can choose to freelance or work with a company once they have successfully completed the course.

There are a number of schools in Arkansas which offer comprehensive curriculums and career assistance for interested HVAC students. Prospective students may inquire with the following campuses.

Pulaski Technical College
3000 W. Scenic Dr., North
Little Rock, AR 72118
(501) 812-2200

Pulasaki Technical College offers two HVAC degrees: an Associate of Applied Science in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and a Technical Certificate in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. This college takes their students’ needs into consideration by offering flexible schedules, since many of those enrolled are found to be working students.

Arkansas Technical University
1700 Helberg Lane,
Ozark, AR 72949
(866) 225-2884

Offering four kinds of HVAC degrees, this premiere University has a good reputation and high success rate of graduates who have completed the course and gone on to find work with reputable companies.