HVAC Schools in Arizona

Many Americans are looking for alternative careers following the recession that hit the country a few years ago. Among the careers that have popped up include HVAC technician work, which offers a stable job with a good compensation plan whether technicians decide to go freelance or contractual.

HVAC Technicians need to undergo training at any accredited center or facility before being allowed to work in the state. Their training at career colleges or community colleges last for about two years, more or less depending on the pace of the student and extensiveness of the curriculum. Here, students will be taught various skills needed in the real world, like blueprint reading, troubleshooting, installation of machinery, maintenance, repair and the like. HVAC students are taught to deal with various kinds of heating, ventilation and air conditioning machinery, so it is important that they have sufficient knowledge in working with the machines that are commonly used by most people.

UEI College - Phoenix

UEI College (Formally Anthem College – Bryman School) is for individuals who seek to achieve more with their lives through education and training. No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, it is never too late to set new goals for yourself. Our students come from all walks of life. Some have just finished high school. Others are changing their careers, or want to get more skills for the one they have. Our students include new parents of all ages and parents whose kids are growing up. We have even seen parents and their children attending UEI together! At UEI College, you’re treated like a person, not a number. We know that each student is different and faces different challenges. Our goal is to support them by delivering the education and training from skilled instructors, and providing supportive services they need to stay in school and succeed. So we help students who need services that range from tutoring to assistance with finding childcare, housing, and part-time jobs. We provide flexible class schedules that meet students’ busy schedules. Most of our programs are taught one class at a time to let students really focus on learning the material.

Ashworth College

Ashworth offers respected, affordable online degree programs and expert guidance to help you meet your goals while balancing work and family. Now you can get the precise training you need to become the professional you’ve always wanted to be. And you can go as far as your education takes you.

Some of the other classes taken by HVAC students include career advice and financial literacy, to help them decide which is the best option for them after graduation. Many schools may also assist in helping get licensure and certification for successful graduates to work in the state.

For those interested in HVAC as a profession, the following schools are some of the best in the state, and can really help students in putting them on the right path to career success.

The Refrigeration School
4210 East Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Extremely well known as THE HVAC school in Arizona, The Refrigeration School has enjoyed unparalleled success and a stellar reputation for many years now. It provides ample training for interested HVAC technicians as well as assistance in licensing exams for the state of AZ. A number of campuses make this training school accessible to all, and helps to save on gas and money for dorming.

Everest College
The premiere institution for online study, Everest offers HVAC courses on flexible schedules, perfect for working students. Lectures are facilitated through the latest in online technology supplemented by on the job training.