HVAC technicians are part of a lucrative alternative career that is being considered by many Americans after being hit by the unexpected recession these past few years. It is a flexible career path that will allow graduates to work either freelance or with a company, but they can expect a good compensation either way they choose.

Before becoming a HVAC technician, training at any accredited facility in the state of Alaska is required. Typically, hvac courses at community colleges and training colleges offer certificate degrees and last two years. The hours of the course are divided between classroom hours and on the job training. Classroom lectures include many of the basics of HVAC, such as basic engineering, blueprint reading, installation of various machinery, repair, troubleshooting and maintenance. It is recommended that persons who wish to become HVAC technicians have good grounding in mathematics and science subjects in order to better cope with the subject matter and understand what is being taught in the course.

The other percentage of hours is dedicated to on the job training, to help give students real life experience. This helps them see firsthand what the job entails, and also allows them to make important professional relationships that will be beneficial to them once they graduate.

Many schools will offer assistance for licensing and certification by the state of Alaska upon successful completion of the course. The following are some of the top rated and best schools in Alaska for HVAC training and certification.

University of Alaska Anchorage
3211 Providence Drive,
Anchorage, Alaska 99508

University of Alaska Anchorage is known as the top university in the state of Alaska. It offers a number of degrees at affordable tuition prices, and at a campus that is mostly accessible to many residents of the state. HVAC students are assured of good training at this school, as well as assistance for licensure upon graduation.

Alaska Vocational Technical Center
809 Second Avenue,
Seward, Alaska 99664-0889

This technical center offers HVAC training courses all year round. Students will benefit fromits hands-on classes, comprehensive curriculum and dedeicated faculty.

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