HVAC technicians are part of a growing workforce that is rising out of the ruins of the recession that hit the country a few years ago. It was noticed that during the recession, companies made cost-cutting measures by laying off many Americans, and they were often working in corporate jobs that were eventually found to be unstable.

Professionals in the technical field comprise a workforce that is indispensable in this day and age. They occupy positions and functions that are vital in the day to day operations and maintenance of various facilities. HVAC technicians in particular ensure the efficiency of refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning equipment which is used in numerous homes, buildings and offices. As such, HVAC technicians enjoy a comprehensive salary and benefits, whether working with a company or freelance. As an added bonus, they may even enjoy a flexible work week.

HVAC technicians in Alaska earn a salary of around $35,000 yearly. This is 18% lower than the national average as reported in the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, there is still room for growth for people in this field, and employment rates are expected to jump by at least 12% in the next few years of the decade.

There are some people who choose to specialize in some aspects of HVAC and so earn more or less depending on the type of work they have chosen. The following are some of the common variations of the regular HVAC technician occupation:

HVAC Service Technicians
In Alaska, these are those who are on-call for maintenance and repair of HVAC machinery. Their earnings add up to about $41,000 annually plus benefits.

Residential Service Technicians
These types of HVAC technicians are those who work typically in homes and residential areas. They may work freelance or have a steady list of clients who call them as needed. Their average salary is $39,000 annually.

Commercial HVAC Service Technician
Commercial Service Technicians are better-paid than most because they have more experience and the highest quality of service is expected of them. They can earn up to $89,000 annually with benefits.

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