HVAC Salary Averages in Colorado


These days, more high school graduates are considering taking two-year technical courses and work towards a technical degree rather than spend four years at a university and work towards a corporate job. This thinking has been proliferated by the effects of the recent recession which showed that those in high-paying corporate jobs didn’t necessarily have job security, because they were the first to be laid off when companies employed cost-cutting measures. Technical jobs, like HVAC technician, are one of the few types of indispensible jobs that companies will always look for and need no matter the economic situation.

HVAC technician training lasts only two years, saving students a lot of time and money on fees. This also allows them to jump into a decent-paying job earlier than their university-attending peers. HVAC technicians in Colorado will have no shortage of work since they operate and maintain machinery found in homes, residential buildings, offices and commercial facilities. Whether they work freelance or with a company, they will be receiving a good salary as well as benefits. There is also a lot of room for growth in the field.

HVAC technicians in Colorado are a growing workforce, with double-digit growth being predicted for these workers in the next decade. Recent reports state that the average salary of a HVAC technician in the state is $38,000 annually. However, this figure may vary depending on experience and specialization. Below are some of the specializations in the field as well as their projected annual salaries.

Refrigeration Service Technician
Refrigeration Service Technicians primarily work with professional refrigeration equipment in factories, restaurants and food service facilities. They earn $41,000 annually plus benefits, which is above the state average for HVAC technicians.

Senior HVAC Technician
Senior HVAC technicians are more experienced and thus more respected in the field. Because of their work experience, they earn higher than others in the field—about $42,000 annually with benefits.

Residential Service Technician
These HVAC workers work with homes and residential buildings to ensure proper functioning of their ventilation machines. They earn $42,000 annually on average.