Average HVAC Salary in Delaware


Delaware is home to a number of professionals working in both corporate and technical jobs. There has been an observed trend in the rise in the number of those working in the latter, mainly because of what happened during the period of recession which hit the country. Corporate jobs were found to be relatively unstable, with a lot of Americans serving in those capacities laid off by their companies. Conversely, those in technical jobs were able to continue with the lifestyles they had become accustomed to. This is because their skills are indispensible and needed no matter the economic situation.

HVAC technicians are a group of professionals in the technical field dealing with heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment. They are able to find steady work in the state because there is no shortage of facilities that use such machines in this day and age. Homes, residential buildings, offices and commercial facilities all need HVAC technicians to ensure smooth operations. They are compensated with a generous salary and benefits, with the added bonus of a flexible work week.

HVAC technicians in the state of Delaware are among the best-paid in the area, earning around $41,000 annually. This is almost equal to the national average as listed in the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, those who specialize in certain areas of HVAC or are more experienced may earn more than the average. Below are some common specializations and corresponding salaries.

Residential HVAC Service Technician
Working primarily in homes and residential areas, these service technicians earn $45,000 annually, much more than the state average and equal to the national average set for HVAC technicians.

Senior HVAC Technician
Those with more years of experience in the field are generally given periodical pay raises or are paid more by their clients. On the average, senior HVAC technicians earn $44,000 annually, plus bonuses and benefits.

HVAC Controls Technician
These types of HVAC technicians are among the highest paid for those in their field simply because more work and higher quality work is expected of them. They can earn an average of $53,000 annually for their services.